At Winfield Racing School, we offer two unique driving experiences tailored to different preferences: F1 Driving Experience and F4 Driving Experience. Before you hit the track, let’s discover what driving adventure is tailored for you!


F1 Driving Experience: Fulfill the Ultimate Car Enthusiast Dream

If you’re looking for driving a modern Formula 1 car mentored by an official F1 team – the F1 Driving Experience is made for you. This programme provides the ultimate thrill and a taste of the pinnacle of motorsport. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a genuine Formula 1 car, powered by a V8 engine screaming at over 18,000 rpm. This isn’t just a drive; it’s an heart-racing immersion into the world of Formula 1, with the official BWT Alpine F1 Team. Furthermore, no prior track experience is required. Our expert team adapts their coaching to your driving level, ensuring you enjoy the experience in complete safety.

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F4 Driving Experience: Discover the Fascinating World of Motorsport 

Eager to explore single-seater world or enhance your track driving skills? The F4 Driving Experience might be the perfect fit! Tightly strapped into the cockpit, you are now part of the car. Precise, hard, fast, every turn is transmitted to your body. You feel exactly what is happening. An incredibly rewarding drive moment, with the most exhilarating high-speed corners you’ll ever ride on. This experience is designed for racing enthusiasts of all levels, even if you’ve never stepped foot in a racing car before. To extract the most of this experience, all participants take part in multiple workshops – just like our young drivers. Video and data analysis, physical training, mental visualization, coordination exercises… We focus on achieving your full potential, without forgetting the main goal: enjoyment.

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Behind these experiences, we prioritize meticulous attention to detail and a premium touch:

Professional Instructors

Our team of instructors comes from the competitive world of motorsport, and definitively matches with the Winfield standards. They are also exceptional communicators who are dedicated to making sure your driving experience is safe, rewarding and incredibly exciting.

Safe and Educational

Each session is crafted not only to make you a better driver, but to increase the enjoyment you get from driving. Acquire new skills in a completely safe environment – skills that will contribute to your safety for the rest of your driving life.

Full hospitality package included

Treat yourself with a premium track day with comfort and style. With access to the VIP lounge, catering, lunch at circuit’s restaurant and end of the day cocktail, we’ve curated an unparalleled experience that transcends ordinary driving adventures.


Now that we’ve revealed all the details of our driving experiences, the choice is yours. If you have any questions, we are of course here to help: | +33 6 18 36 86 06