Calling all aspiring racers, aged 15 to 22, from every corner of the globe! Join the F4 TRAINING CAMP, a complete 3-day programme, starting with comprehensive workshops, including simulator sessions. Designed to familiarize yourself with the Paul Ricard track, this essential tool for any racing driver’s development refines your skills in a risk-free environment. But what exactly does the simulator offer, and how does it contribute to your racing journey?



Track Familiarization: Simulators offer a unique advantage when it comes to track knowledge, especially for drivers navigating across various international circuits. Picture a young, talented driver who has just received an invitation to race on a renowned track overseas. They’ve never set foot on this track, let alone driven on it at high speed. This is where simulators step in as the ultimate preparatory tool. With it, the driver can virtually explore every detail of the circuit. They can study the track’s nuances, mastering its twists and turns before they even arrive. So, when they finally get to the track in real life, it’s not unfamiliar territory anymore; it’s a place they’ve already conquered in the virtual realm.

Skill Enhancement: Simulators are the best laboratories for skill enhancement. Drivers can experiment with different racing conditions, from dry tracks to rain-soaked circuits, without real-world risks. It’s a continuous cycle of practice, feedback, and refinement that transforms them into highly skilled, adaptable, and confident racers.

Risk-Free Environment: Racing, by nature, is an adrenaline-pumping sport that thrives on pushing limits. However, this exhilaration also comes with inherent risks. Simulators offer a haven where drivers can explore those limits, push boundaries, and make mistakes— without fearing real-world consequences. Rookies or experienced drivers can test the limits of their braking points, explore aggressive maneuvers, and even learn how to recover from spins or collisions. Every mishap in the simulator is a valuable lesson, not a costly error.



At WINFIELD, we want the very best for the drivers, so the Sector One simulator by RS SIMULATION was the obvious choice.

A Total Immersion: This advanced system boasts a 4.6-meter, 220° hemispheric screen that immerses drivers in the racing experience. Its extended peripheral vision enhances situational awareness, and the curved screen heightens the sense of speed. The simulator excels in visual realism, accurately representing track features like bends and gradients.

Realistic Racing Experience: What sets this simulator apart is its genuine racing pedal box equipped with race sensors. It faithfully replicates the precise braking and acceleration dynamics found in racing vehicles, offering an intensely authentic driving experience. This immersion empowers drivers to refine their braking skills and apply their virtual expertise to real-world challenges on any racetrack in the world.

Precision Feedback: The force feedback system, driven by an over-dimensioned electric motor, faithfully replicates the sensations of real racing, requiring drivers to apply the same force as they would in a genuine race car. Moreover, the state-of-the-art motion platform, from D-BOX Technologies, accurately depicts twists and slopes, and provides tactile precision and a heightened sense of realism.



Our objective is to foster a profound connection between the driver and the track. Guided by our experienced coach, drivers gain an intimate understanding of every facet of the circuit. What sets us apart is the real-time acquisition of driving data, allowing for immediate analysis by our engineers during the driver’s session.

Data, comprising a range of variables such as speed, throttle percentage, braking force, steering angle, and gear engagement, undergo a meticulous examination to assess the driver’s mastery behind the wheel. Steering angle and trajectory are meticulously recorded to evaluate control in the corners and grip on the ideal racing line. Brake-related data, including timing and pressure, act as a compass for refining braking accuracy.

All these data provide a tailored guidance to the driver, preparing them for the two on-track days of the F4 TRAINING CAMP!



“Very happy we found Winfield as Garrett’s first experience in a race car. As a parent, they made me feel the kids were both safe and learning each session as they increased their speed and their skills. (…) Coaches were highly valuable and their professionalism into the details was top-notch. Thank you to Winfield again.”

A. BERRY (Garrett BERRY father’s – F4 Training Camp participant & WINFIELD driver in the French F4 Championship.


NEXT DATE: F4 October Camp – 29th to 31st October 2023




Photo credit: © WRS – Morgan Mathurin