It all begins the moment you slide into the narrow cockpit of the single-seater. Once your helmet visor is down, the instructor signals you to engage first gear. You feel as if you are sitting right on the track. Your heart rate accelerates. A tremendous sense of freedom wins your body and your soul. You become one with the machine, which responds to your every move. This immense and newfound pleasure intensifies with each lap.

We are committed to sharing our passion for motorsport with you and making you experience these sensations. Every smile, every burst of joy from the drivers stepping out of the single-seaters brings us closer to our ultimate goal: making you feel the intense emotions that this unique sport provides.

We promote this enthusiastic vision every day, in all our activities: from Formula 1 and Formula 4 driving experiences to programmes for young drivers and seminars. The passion for racing is—and will always be—our driving force. Our ambition is to make you understand that motorsport is much more complex than just turning a steering wheel and pressing the throttle. It is a true discipline that requires impeccable physical condition, an unbreakable mental strength, great communication skills, and much more!



During an interview for Canal+, seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton told Jean Alesi: “Motorsport is such a special sport. But you can’t imagine what is like to drive an F1 car. You can’t go and try to drive an F1 car. It’s not like football where you can all try to be Messi (…) and that’s a shame. I wish everyone could experience that feeling, because then it would be the greatest sport!

This is the conviction behind our turnkey driving programmes: to give everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of top-level single-seaters. This passion is transmitted not only during driving sessions but also through the various workshops organized throughout the day. The physiotherapist will accompany you during adapted exercises and ensure your well-being. The driving coaches will be by your side after each session to discuss your feelings and search the areas for improvement. Our expertise is also passed on to young drivers by sharing our know-how, advice, and experience to help them progress in their future careers.

Our passion for motorsport shapes our mindset and defines our core values: the quest for performance, rigor, precision, team spirit and enjoyment. With these principles, we aim to become the world leader in driving experiences and young talents’ coaching. This ambition is made possible by the dedication of the Winfield team, driven by the same convictions. Our passion is more intense than ever. Always focusing on the future, never giving up, and giving our best.

One day, one of our drivers told us: “To be honest, nothing is more enjoyable than being behind the wheel of a single-seater.” That says it all.