Since 1964, WINFIELD RACING SCHOOL has built a future generation of champions: Alain Prost, Damon Hill, Jacques Laffite, Jean Alesi… Today, you can benefit from our worldwide recognized expertise and know-how!

One clear goal in mind: fuel your drive to success during a racing season. The key to winning is to always have the best team behind you. This performance programme teaches you how to become a leader as a team player. With experience on both sides of the pitwall, we provide a full bespoke service that fits each driver’s needs and aspirations.

Supported by our best podium-topping coaches, you will climb the motorsport ladder while acquiring off-track skills. Accept no imitations, we focus on achieving your full potential: driving development, human performance, career promotion, etc.

It starts with you. So… Are you ready to take your career to the next level?


Being a champion requires a level of self-mastery that goes beyond the cockpit. To achieve this goal, surround yourself with an experienced coach. After having led careers in motorsport, our coaches have now devoted themselves entirely to the new generation. Former drivers or current racing engineers, our pro-instructors have backgrounds in world-class competitions. But how important is the WINFIELD coach’s role for the driver’s performance?

Their role is vital in maximizing the driver’s performance, addressing weaknesses, instilling confidence, and tailoring their coaching to each driver. From test days to race weekends, our coaches meticulously fine-tune driving techniques, ensure optimal car conditions, strategize race plans, and provide comprehensive debriefs with video analysis. Throughout the year, they foster supportive relationships, stay updated on regulations, and foster valuable connections within the motorsport community.

More than a coaching programme, we support you as a member of our team, bringing you our expertise to unlock your full potential on and off the track.

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EXPERT SUPPORT. Winfield has been nurturing drivers in their debut in single-seater season since 1964. When we welcome a driver into the team, it’s the whole team that gets going. Coaches, mechanics, engineers, logistic coordinator, communications officer and many more come together to help you achieve your sporting goals.

AMPLIFY YOUR PRESENCE. Drivers become part of the Winfield story. We showcase your results and highlights through our active social media, offering them increased visibility to attract new partners and sponsors.

PRECIOUS EXPERIENCE AND NETWORK. Accessing the competitive world of motorsport is challenging, but with WINFIELD, you benefit from our extensive network built over 20 years of involvement, especially in Formula 1. From manufacturers to team principals, we have key connections in international motorsport.

HUMAN VALUES FOSTERING. Beyond on-track success, we prioritize the development of drivers as individuals. At WINFIELD, we instill values such as sportsmanship, respect, loyalty, dedication, and hard work. These qualities shape your character throughout the season, ensuring lifelong personal growth regardless of your future paths.


Preparing tracks on simulator is vital for distinguishing yourself from other drivers. Aotech, the leading provider of professional sim training, offers a top-tier simulator experience. WINFIELD drivers can access this elite preparation.

Building a strong shape is a major asset to your sporting success. Assess your strengths and weaknesses to adapt your physical training for the season. Performance tests will be conducted by Human Fab, a leading center for sport expertise and innovation.

Body achieves what mind believes! Control stress and emotions, improve concentration and memorization, and boost your self-confidence with our mental coach.


Drive your brand image like on the track! We provide a professional photographer for all races, delivering HD photos for on and off-track moments. Custom designs for the racing suit and car, including sponsor logos, ensure a visually striking appearance. We also create a spare kit for partner visibility and coordinate with the championship organizer for consistent branding on the racing suit and personal panel.


Share your passion with those who support you. What better way to provide them with a glimpse into the world of motorsport than by offering them a passenger « rollercoaster » ride in our Formula Two-Seater? This exclusive opportunity allows your guests, sponsors, and