Get ready to be fascinated by the adventure of Garrett Berry, a 19-year-old American kartman who ventured to France to pursue a career in single-seater racing. His story showcases the boundless potential of dreams and the extraordinary opportunities that await those who dare to chase them at the WINFIELD RACING SCHOOL.


The Beginning: the F4 Training Camp

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia (USA), Garrett has been immersed in motorsport since the age of 8, participating in various championships worldwide. Driven by an insatiable passion for racing, he crossed the Atlantic and embraced motorsport in France.

His initiation into the universe of Formula 4 racing started with the F4 Training Camp, a dynamic three-day programme designed by WINFIELD. This programme provides aspiring racers to get a sneak peek into the world of single-seater racing, offering a vital initial insight into the Formula 4 environment. Garrett’s journey through the F4 TRAINING CAMP served as a compass for his racing aspirations. It didn’t just refine his skills; it also nurtured his growth, not only as a driver, but also as an individual. This preparation allowed him to take on the forthcoming racing career challenges in the best possible conditions. Next step? WINFIELD’s winter testing!


A Winter Tale: the WINFIELD’s F4 testing

As Garrett’s journey continued to unfold, the winter testing sessions with WINFIELD marked the next thrilling chapter of his young and growing career. Alongside the WINFIELD team, he embarked on an adventure across the circuits of the French F4 Championship in Europe, by driving brand new Formula 4 Gen 2 cars. From the iconic Circuit Paul Ricard to the challenging tracks of Nogaro, Misano, Lédenon and Magny-Cours, Garrett pushed back his limits and elevated his racing instinct. These tests were more than just a couple of stints to gain some mileage; they were a quest to unleash his full potential and make him a complete driver.


The Rookie’s Rise: the French F4 Championship

With some precious winter testing under his belt, Garrett set his sights on a challenge that would test his bravery like never before – the French F4 Championship. As a rookie in a fiercely competitive field, he was facing a monumental task.

But Garrett wasn’t alone in this journey. With the unwavering support and the expert coaching of WINFIELD, he honed his skills, analyzed data, and developed winning strategies. Race by race, he continued to progress, defying initial expectations, clinching 4 podiums and 2 race wins during the championship!

At the end of the season, Garrett had achieved a remarkable 6th place finish in the championship, awarding him his two first FIA Super Licence points. An extraordinary feat for a rookie driver, and a testament to his dedication and the coaching he received from WINFIELD. But what sets Garrett apart isn’t just his on-track prowess, but also his winning personality. His unwavering commitment to listening, working hard, and implementing the coach’s advice helped him progress throughout the season, making him a source of pride for the racing school.

“Garrett attended the 2022 WINFIELD Drivers Summer Camp as his first experience in a formula cars after karting since age 8 in both the US and UK. After the camp, and based on Frederic’s advice and support we signed up for the 2023 FFSA F4 series with both WINFIELD coaching and management. Garrett’s transition from ‘driving’ to ‘racing’ across the season was steady and resulted in 2 wins and 2 additional podium’s. The positive surprise as a parent was watching Garrett become more comfortable and confident with wheel-to-wheel racing in both dry and wet conditions. Cyrille Sauvage, Garrett’s coach at WINFIELD, pushed him on track to improve all aspects of his driving and off-track was instrumental in his growth and confidence as a young man. As a parent you always want your children to perform at their best and in a positive manor. This is where our relationship with Cyrille, Frederic (CEO), Anne-Charlotte (Chief Performance Officer), and the full WINFIELD team shined as they demanded and facilitated both.” A. BERRY (Garrett BERRY father’s)


What Future Challenges?

The adventure of Garrett and WINFIELD is far from over. We’re going to keep writing this story together and supporting him in the challenges that await him in 2024!

This remarkable story serves as an invitation to aspiring racers from all over the world. If Garrett, a young American with no prior experience in single-seater, can make his mark in the world of F4 racing, what about you? Are you ready to embark on your own motorsport journey? We are ready to help you turn your dreams into reality.


Photo credit: © WRS – KSP Reportages / Alexis Miclo