Time has come. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for… Fasten your sealbelt, the WINFIELD 2023 Driving Experiences calendar is officially open! Pre-book your seat to live an adrenaline-packed day and get this unique racing feeling in a single-seater! 




Alpine F1 Team and Winfield Racing School combine their expertise to offer you the drive of a lifetime. Sitting just few centimetres from the asphalt, you enjoy mind-blowing laps in ex-Räikkönen Formula 1 car on Circuit Paul Ricard track. Your dream is now a reality.

The thunderous car’s power and V8 symphony screaming in your ears is the winning combination of the most exclusive club of speed: be in the most desired cockpit in the world. Icing on the cake: you finish the day with a high-speed passenger ride in the Winfield Formula two-seater. A pure thrilling moment in a 4-wheel rocket.

Take part of a structured programme, where all drivers participate to several workshops, learn race driving basics in F4 cars, and end up with the world’s most performing land vehicle: Formula 1

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Want to feel the real downforce? Tightly strapped into the cockpit, you are now part of the car. Precise, hard, fast, every turn is transmitted to your body. You feel exactly what is happening. An incredibly rewarding drive moment, with exhilarating high speed corners you’ll ever ride on.

From beginners to experienced drivers, sharpen your race-driving skills during a full throttle-day on the world-famous Circuit Paul Ricard racetrack. More than a driving experience, immerge yourself in motorsport universe with the support of Winfield experts!

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Pre-book now: sales@winfieldracingschool.com

*2022 booklets – prices & options subject to change in 2023.