One week ago, Maya Weug became the winner of the first edition of FIA Girls On Track – Rising Stars program and enters in world’s motorsport history. She becomes the first-ever female racer at the Ferrari Driver Academy. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for her future race driver career.


Maya says: “I will never forget this day! I’m very happy to be the first female driver to join the Ferrari Driver Academy. Winning the FIA Girls on Track – Rising Stars program makes me realize that I was right to follow my dream of becoming a racing driver (…) The Winfield team was super professional, kind and passionate. I loved learning from the Winfield’s coaches, my progress has been amazing!”

After an intense battle during Training Camp 2 at Circuit Paul Ricard to find out who will be the 4 finalists of the FIA Girls On Track program in November; Antonella Bassani, Doriane Pin, Julia Ayoub, Maya Weug and Winfield Racing School arrived at Ferrari in Fiorano during the second week of January.

The drivers took part in a series of tests to evaluate not only their pure speed but also their potential. The FIA Girls On Track program ended for the girls at the wheel of Winfield Racing School Formula 4 for several track sessions. Thanks to Winfield’s technical support, 5 identical Formula 4 cars were adjusted to the same weight at each refueling to ensure perfect equity between drivers. In order to respect the good execution of the running plan, each Winfield mechanic took care of his respective car. At the end of each track session, Winfield mechanics checked and maintained all the F4 moving parts to avoid any issues. Winfield data engineer and his assistant were also there to acquire all the car’s data, essential for debriefing each girl’s driving.

Apart from the technical side, Winfield was also able to share his pedagogical contribution thanks to Winfield’s coach. Track walk and onboard camera debriefings allowed the girls to improve their braking points, corner speed and racing line.


Anne-Charlotte Remy, General Manager of Winfield Racing School, says: “Congratulations to the FIA for this unique program with strong values. As a woman in motorsport, it was an honor and a privilege to co-organise this program with the FIA. In a year as particular as 2020, this program provided the whole Winfield team with unforgettable moments and incredible adrenaline shots. Winfield Racing School has been extremely proud to be part of the FIA Girls On Track – Rising Stars adventure. All the Winfield staff have given its outmost in this program, providing the best environment to showcase the 20 rising star’s talent.

The week at Ferrari has been an incredible moment for Winfield Racing School. We gathered all our know-how and experience to allow the 4 rising stars to drive on the Fiorano racetrack behind the wheel of Winfield Formula 4 in all fairness and safety. Being at Ferrari is also a beautiful tribute to the iconic past of Winfield Racing School. Alain Prost, Didier Pironi, Patrick Tambay, René Arnoux… 4 Winfield former pupils and legends of motorsport world wrote a part of their history with the Scuderia Ferrari.

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Photo Credit: © Morgan Mathurin