« Winfield offered me a wonderful opportunity to participate to the FIA French Formula 4 Championship after winning the Volant Winfield. Their support helped me a lot during the season, from a driving, physical and mental point of view. I’m really grateful for everything that Winfield did for me! ».


These are the words of Caio Collet, Brazilian driver, 2018 Volant Winfield winner, 2018 French Formula 4 Champion and 2020 Formula Renault Eurocup vice-Champion. Like many other promising pupils who have been at Winfield Driving School, Caio took his first steps into the single-seater world in a Winfield Formula 4.

What is the secret of Winfield Formula 4?

160 horsepower, 550 kilos, accessible from 15 years old and more efficient than any supercar on racetrack, this is the success key of F4! This formula allows young drivers to take their first steps into the world of single-seater immediately after karting.

Thanks to their FIA-approved carbon-fibre monocoque structure and equipped with a naturally aspirated 2-litres Renault engine, the Winfield Formula 4 built by Mygale Cars is mainly aimed at young talents, but not only… It also satisfies motor sport enthusiasts by allowing them to learn the basics of race driving and enjoy the thrills of driving an open-wheel in complete safety. Winfield Racing School, aware of the F4 potential, offers two programs fully adapted to the expectations and needs of these two different publics.

The F4 Driving Experience: the program that transforms “pleasure” driving into “passion” driving


For a day, motor sport enthusiasts and thrill addicts take the wheel of Formula 4. the program’s goal: develop their performances on track and enjoy a single-seater driving experience at the state-of-art circuit in Europe: Circuit Paul Ricard. With more than 15 fully dedicated staff members, the participants are carefully supervised to spend an exceptional day in a high standard turnkey program.

Equipped with multiple sensors (brake pressure, steering wheel angle, throttle position), the Winfield F4 precisely records valuable racing driver data. All the data, analysed by Winfield engineers, is used to improve driver performances, session after session. Thanks to the on-board camera, the Winfield instructor debriefs trajectories and sets new objectives, with the aim of pushing drivers to give the best of their abilities.

Fitted with Pirelli P Zero tyres, good braking capacities and excellent grip, Winfield Formula 4 offer a unique experience for all drivers, whatever their level.


The Young Driver Training Program: the first steps to motor sport success


Being familiar with the single-seater world from a very early age allows young drivers to be one step ahead of their competitors!

With the Young Driver Training Program, Winfield Racing School helps young drivers (from 15 years old) in their progression and improves their driving skills on Formula 4 thanks to the professional instructors and engineers’ advice. The main goal of this program is to create a trust relationship between drivers and the single-seater, and to push their limits step by step, in order to obtain the best drivers’ performances. Becoming a professional racing driver requires precise learning and an absolute dedication. Step by step, progression of young drivers becomes more and more difficult. The early experience turns into a highly competitive discipline, which requires great physical and mental capacities.

Aware of all the tools a driver needs to properly manage a race season, Winfield Racing School positions itself, thanks to its eight Formula 4 and its 50 years know-how, as a springboard between karting and single-seater world for young drivers.

Performance improvement or motor sport enthusiast dream achievement, Formula 4 is the gateway to the single-seater world! With Winfield, find the program that suits you:

Photo Credit: © Morgan Mathurin