Established in 1972 at Circuit Paul Ricard, the Winfield Racing School began its journey on what was then a brand new track, with Frenchman Patrick Tambay becoming the first Volant Winfield winner. 23 other winners followed, including nine drivers who made it to Formula 1, the most famous of which is four-time World Champion Alain Prost.

On Valentine’s Day, this great and long story between Circuit Paul Ricard and Winfield continues with the renewal of their partnership.

Stéphane Clair, Managing Director of Circuit Paul Ricard: “We are very proud to continue alongside Winfield in its quest for new talents, knowing that the training given to young drivers is of high quality. Like Caio Collet, winner of the 2018 Volant Winfield who recently joined the Renault Sport Academy, we will certainly see a driver from the Winfield detection programme on the F1 grid for the French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard in a few years time.”

Frédéric Garcia, Winfield Group President: “We are delighted to continue this adventure together. Paul Ricard offers the ideal environment for the training and detection of our young drivers, whilst providing the necessary safety for such an event. It is also a privilege for young drivers to learn their trade on a circuit that hosts the French Formula One Grand Prix.”

Winfield Racing School is also delighted to confirm the renewal of its partnerships:

– Bell Helmets, whose helmets are available for all Winfield Racing School participants. – Facom France, which allows Winfield technical teams to work in excellent conditions and with the best tools, in order to prepare the F4 Mygale-Renault in the greatest possible way.

– Pirelli, tyre supplier who also assist in the training of our young drivers by explaining the details of how to best use tyres on a single-seater car.
– Eaux de Zilia, which recently won the bronze medal for the best still waters in the

world and that hydrates all the Winfield participants.

The 25th winner of the 2019 Volant Winfield will be announced on 25 February in the evening.

The 24 previous winners of the Volant Winfield at Circuit Paul Ricard are:

1972 – Patrick Tambay

1973 – Didier Pironi

1974 – Richard Dallest

1975 – Sergé Ménard

1976 – Alain Prost

1977 – Gérard Choukroun

1978 – Denis Morin

1979 – Pascal Fabre

1980 – Philippe Renault

1981 – Philippe Paoli

1982 – Olivier Grouillard

1983 – Paul Belmondo

1984 – Eric Bernard

1985 – Erik Comas

1986 – Ron Emmick

1987 – Ludovic Faure

1988 – Olivier Panis

1989 – Richard Combes

1990 – Stéphane Ortelli

1991 – Richard Hearn

1992 – Jason Engle

1993 – Steeve Hiesse

1994 – Sébastien Alberto

2018 – Caio Collet

In bold: Winfield drivers who reached Formula 1.