Renault Sport Racing sets up home at the Castellet in partnership with Winfield

In 2017, Renault Sport Racing returns to the Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet – in a partnership with Winfield Racing School to offer driving programmes to motorsport enthusiasts and professional drivers alike. With the dual aims of making Formula 1 more accessible to recreational drivers and helping professional drivers with their development, the partnership will enable the following Renault cars to be driven at a first-class venue: a V8 Formula 1 car, a Formula Renault 2.0, an R.S.01, a Clio RS and a Megane RS Trophy.

Combining technical expertise with excellent educational supervision and outstanding facilities, Renault and Winfield will enable enthusiasts to realise a previously unattainable dream regardless of their racing skills levels; to drive a Formula 1 car. This unique driving programme will enable the participants to be immersed for the day like a professional driver. A dedicated technical crew of 14 experienced Formula 1 engineers and mechanics from the team will oversee the programme ensuring the reliability, performance and safety of the Formula 1 and R.S.01 cars. Renault Sport Racing’s base will be situated at the heart of the Circuit de Paul Ricard and set within Winfield’s infrastructure. Renault Sport Racing will offer this unique driving programme within a setting full of history for Renault.

Cyril Abiteboul, Renault Sport Racing Managing Director : “The launch of this partnership with Winfield marks an important step in Renault’s determination to share its passion for its racing activities. Enthusiasts will discover Renault racing cars up to the ultimate level of motorsport, Formula 1 at one of the most beautiful circuits in the world. This ties in with our ambition to make the return of the Formula 1 French Grand Prix in 2018 more than just a one-off event. Professional drivers will have the opportunity to drive modern racing cars with tailor-made programmes developed and run by our F1 engineers. The state-of-the-art installation will also give us the opportunity to run events for our team partners.”

Frédéric Garcia, Winfield Group President : “Winfield’s promise is experience, emotion, engagement and exclusivity. The driving programme developed with Renault clearly adheres to these promises. Spectating at a Formula 1 Grand Prix is a very nice experience, however to be behind the wheel of a modern F1 car enhances greatly these emotions and offers the most exclusive of experiences. Participants will get a unique taste of the complexity of this fabulous sport as they experience the extreme physical and mental demands of the high tech environment of Formula 1. Thanks to Renault and Winfield, anyone participating in this programme will never again watch a Grand Prix in the same way as before.”


A partnership that started in the 70s, Renault and Winfield Racing School have together discovered a host of Formula 1 drivers, including René Arnoux, Olivier Panis, Eric Bernard, Yvan Muller or Pierre d’Imbleval. Alain Prost and Damon Hill are former Renault-Winfield School drivers and went on to become Formula One World Champions with Renault engines. The historic partnership has been rewarded by five Formula 1 World Championship titles, more than 90 wins and over 30 drivers that went on to reach the pinnacle of motorsport.